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Carbon forecasting

Assess future GHG emissions levels and the impact of mitigation polices

Enerdata provides unrivalled tools and models to forcast CO2 and other GHG emissions within different timeframes and geographical parameters including global, national and local.


Fields of expertise

Enerdata can provide you with expertise in the following areas:

  • GHG emissions forecasts by sector
    Using MED-PRO Environment, our proprietary model dedicated to emissions forecasts, Enerdata provides detailed emissions forecasts by sector and by end-use.

  • Scenario Analysis of Regulatory measures
    With simulation based models such as POLES, Enerdata designs multiple scenarios that reflect differing regulatory environment to assess the impact of a carbon constraint level.

  • Carbon price projections
    Enerdata assesses the consequences of a Climate Change mitigation policy on the carbon price, and its impacts on fuel prices and power generation costs.

Carbon Tools


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