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Reports & Publications

The Enerdata reports and presentations contain premium analysis elaborated by our energy experts.
To request your publication, all you need to do is register for free on the Enerdata web site.

2035 Energy Scenarios: EnerFuture

The EnerFuture service provides projections to 2035 of energy supply and demand across the world, powered by the POLES model, to help you wi...

Findings of AMPERE project

A total of 17 energy-economy and integrated assessment models were used in the project to compare differences and commonalities in the resul...

Energies 2050 Report

The Enerdata Global Energy Forecasting team designed four scenarios for the French Government’s " Energies 2050 " Roadmap.

Fukushima the aftermath

The Japanese power consumption has significantly decreased to adapt to a fading nuclear activity.