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Global energy trends 2013 Analysis

BRICS and the USA draw the world's energy consumption

Based on its 2013 data for G20 countries, Enerdata analyses the trends of the world energy demand.

G20’s 2013 Key Figures

  • + 2.8% economic growth (at purchasing power parity)
  • + 2.1% (10.7 Gtoe) energy consumption growth
  • + 2.0% (26.1 GtCO2) CO2 emissions increase

The USA returned to a dynamic growth level, while the BRICS kept driving energy demand.

2013 g20 energy consumption growth

The publication related to the world energy demand underlines main conclusions from the analysis of latest 2013 energy data:

  • Coal met half of the 2013 rise in energy consumption
  • In 2013, CO2 emissions have increased at the same rate as energy consumption
  • The growth of oil demand in the BRICS halved in 2013
  • Oil independence: the opposite paths of the USA and China
  • The gas price rise in the USA resulted in a pronounced slowdown in consumption growth
  • With more than 53 bcm of LNG contracts signed, the USA will become a new key player in gas exchange
  • BRICS’ electricity demand growth was three times higher than total G20 countries
  • For the first time in Europe, renewables dominate the electricity mix
  • In 2013 a Chinese person emits almost as much CO2 as an European person

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