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Energy Forecasting

Specialists in Energy Demand Forecasting

Energy forecasting is Enerdata’s core activity. Enerdata specialists have worked on long-term prospective issues in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide. Our long-term forecasting models have been developed and enhanced over the last 30 years, becoming recognised worldwide. The accurate results given every year are the best testimony of the robustness and precision of our models.

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Our services

Forecasting Models

  • POLES model
    Global supply & demand forecasting model.

  • MEDPRO model
    Bottom-up model for long term energy demand, load curve and greenhouse gases forecasts.

  • MEDEE model
    National energy demand forecasting model based on usages.

  • VLEEM model
    Model on very long-term energy environment.

  • Econometric model
    Mid-term market forecasting model based on a tested statistical methodology.

Fields of forecasting

Our references on Energy Forecasting include:
  • Study on the long-term prospect of energy markets in selected EU countries for a European Gas utility
  • Energy demand forecasting in a European market for a Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • World Energy, Technology and Climate Change Outlook (WETO), Book prepared for and published by the European Commission
  • Forecasting studies and assessment of energy efficiency and GHG policies for France: ADEME, Commissariat Général au Plan, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Industry
  • Energy demand forecasts and evaluation of energy efficiency strategies for several Regions in France: Bourgogne, French Guyana, Bretagne, Nord Pas de Calais, Lorraine, Midi Pyrenees
  • Energy demand forecasts and long-term evaluation of energy efficiency strategies for Maghreb countries (Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia)
  • Development of an energy demand forecasting model for the African Development Bank
  • Energy demand projection for Slovakia and the Czech Republic and assessment of energy efficiency strategies (Ministry of Economy)
  • Energy demand projections for all Western European countries on behalf of the European Commission


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