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Angola's upstream regulator signs production sharing contracts

The Angolese National Agency for Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels (ANPG) has signed production sharing contracts for eight blocks in onshore area of the Lower Congo and Kwanza basins.

In the Lower Congo basin, the CON 1 block was awarded to Somoil (40%, operator), in partnership with Intank Group (40%), Monka Oil (10%) and Omega Solutions (10%), the CON 5 to MTI Energy (50%, operator), Prodoil (15%), Prodiaman, Upite and Servicab (11.67% each) and the CON 6 to Mineral One (43.75%, operator), Somoil (43.75%) and Prodoil (12.5%).

In the Kwanza basin, the KON 5 was awarded to MTI Energy (60%, operator), Sonangol P&P (20%), Monka Oil (10%) and Simples Oil (10%), the KON 6 to Simples Oil (50%, operator) and MTI Energy (50%), the KON 8 to Alfort Petroleum (50%, operator), Simples Oil (20%) and MTI Energy (20%), the KON 17 to MTI Energy (60%, operator), Brite’s Oil and Mineral one (20% each) and the KON 20 to MTI Energy (50%, operator) and Brite’s Oil (50%).

The tender for nine blocks in the onshore areas of the Kwanza and Baixo Congo basins with a capacity of around 500 mbl of oil was held in 2021. The country produced 1.3 mb/d in 2020 (-8% compared to 2019). Angola’s oil reserves reached 7,700 mbl at end-2021.