AfDB lends US$170m to two CCGT power projects in Ivory Coast

11 Jun 2019

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has approved two loans worth €150m (US$170m) for two gas-fired CCGT projects that will help strengthen Ivory Coast's power supply.

€100m (US$113m) will support the construction of the 390 MW Atinkou project in Taboth, in the Jacqueville region, that will be developed in two phases: the construction of a 255 MW gas turbine within 18 months and the addition of a 135 MW steam turbine and of a heat recovery boiler within 9 months to operate in combined-cycle mode. The project is expected to generate more than 2.8 TWh/year. The AfDB will also lend €50m (US$57m) for the expansion project of the Azito CCGT power plant, in Yopougon (Abidjan): the fourth phase of the Azito power plant will include a 181 MW gas turbine and a 72 MW steam turbine, adding 253 MW of CCGT power capacity.

Both projects are expected to improve power supply in Ivory Coast and to help reach universal power access by 2030. They will also raise power exports, under the Ivory Coast - Liberia - Sierra Leone- Guinea power interconnection project.

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