830 MW of wind power projects will be tendered in 2018 (Russia)

9 Mar 2018

According to the Russian Association of Wind Power Industry (RAWI), Russia will launch a renewable energy tender in late May - early June 2018, with project delivery spread between 2019 and 2023. The tender will be carried out in two stages: the first phase will run between 29 May and 4 June, while the second phase will run from 5 June to 9 June 2018. The winners will be awarded 15-year capacity supply agreements.

The auction will include 830 MW of wind power capacity, 150 MW of solar PV capacity and 270 MW of mini-hydropower projects. The proposed projects must have an installed capacity of at least 5 MW (between 5 MW and 25 MW for hydropower projects). The delivery of the wind power projects will be delivered between 2019 and 2023: 100 MW in 2019, 229.84 MW in 2021 and 500 MW in 2023. The solar PV projects will be delivered as follows: 35 MW in 2019, 77.6 MW in 2021 and 37.6 MW in 2022. As for hydropower, the selected projects will be commissioned as follows: 109.2 MW in 2020, 10.7 MW in 2021, 10.7 MW in 2022 and 138.96 MW in 2023.

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