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Enerdata to attend the Climate Chance Conference Africa 2023

On October 23 & 24, Climate Chance is organising the Climate Chance Conference Africa 2023 in Yaounde, Cameroon. The chosen theme is "Sustainable habitats and climate change in Africa". This conference will serve as a significant climate action event for Africa, aiming to accelerate the implementation of adaptation and mitigation measures in sectors related to households. The event will bring together a diverse range of key players from the continent, featuring 30 different sessions designed to facilitate the discussions on the chosen theme. 

Enerdata has extensive experience working with African countries, spanning from the development of energy information systems for the African Energy Commission (AFREC) to the production of long-term energy and climate scenarios in various countries and regions, e.g., the Sahel, the Horn of Africa region, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, and Uganda. While Africa experiences an increasing demand for international support in these topics, Enerdata is committed to leverage its expertise and know-how to collaborate further with African nations and regions, facilitating sustainable pathways for their energy transition.

Two experts from Enerdata, specialised in data intelligence and energy transition scenarios, will attend the Climate Chance Conference in Yaounde. Their first contribution will focus on data management within the energy sector, encompassing data availability, processing, and the development of robust data management systems. Additionally, during a thematic workshop focusing on access to renewable energies, Enerdata will provide valuable insights into clean energy access across various sectors, based on their experiences gathered in the household and power generation sectors within the Sahel and in Uganda.