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Enerdata Supports the Algerian Ministry of Energy in a Study Funded by the French Development Agency

Enerdata has been selected by the French Development Agency (AFD) to complete a study for the Ministry of Energy of Algeria comprising modelling and a long-term energy perspective on the Algerian energy sector.

The modelling work will be based on the EnerNEO tool, which will be adapted to the Algerian context. EnerNEO was developed by Enerdata most recently for Pakistan, and previously for the United Arab Emirates. The model focuses on a country's energy sector and greenhouse gas emissions. Implemented in Excel, its added value includes easy-to-use interfaces and portability.

The goals of the project are to assist the Algerian Ministry of Energy in establishing long-term scenarios (through 2050) for the country's energy sector and greenhouse gas emissions based on the Algerian version of EnerNEO, and capacity building for the Ministry's teams in particular for the use and subsequent update of the model.

The project was launched in May, with three Enerdata experts, including Patrick Criqui, travelling to Algiers to establish contact with the Ministry's teams, in particular the Directorate General for Prospective, and the other entities involved in the project.

The project should run until the first quarter of 2020, with upcoming phases including the collection of necessary data for the model, the methodological developments necessary to adapt the model to the Algerian context, the development of scenarios, and the capacity building of Algerian partners.

Three additional missions are planned with the additional participation of Bruno Lapillonne, Enerdata’s cofounder and scientific expert, who lends his particular expertise on energy demand issues. The next mission will be this summer.