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Enerdata develops tailored solutions dedicated to energy intelligence. Levering both our in-house capability in research and expertise on the energy industry on the one hand, and advanced energy market intelligence tools on the other hand, we provide clients with tailored and timely updated data & research solutions.

Data Management Solutions

Enerdata has been developing and maintaining proprietary and client databases for more than 25 years. We design, develop, maintain and update your whole data management process, from data collection to data diffusion. We are used to collecting energy related data from hundreds of sources, from well-structured to totally unstructured sources. Our databases are highly flexible in their structure, ensuring data integrity and smooth update process. We also develop powerful data querying interfaces accessible via web browser or desktop.

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Customised Research Solutions

In the context of a higher complexity in the energy markets, energy professionals are searching for more specific information. We dedicate analysts to search for in-depth information on the energy markets. We conduct primary and secondary research to bring together the most adequate information to our clients. This customised research is diffused on several formats, according to clients’ needs, and include tailored web interfaces, professional type reports, RSS feeds, etc.

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Energy Market Intelligence Solutions

Too many information kills the information. At Enerdata, we have developed streamlined processes to work only with relevant sources, filter useful news, and diffuse only information that is worth reading every day. We design, develop, maintain and update turnkey energy market intelligence solutions focusing on the energy industry. We aggregate relevant data and content from the most relevant sources, that clients access through advanced online diffusion software.

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Bespoke Forecasting Models

We have developed a suite of forecasting models dedicated to the energy industry. Our models forecast supply, demand, prices or emissions, at global, regional or local level, with various time horizons. We leverage various in-house platforms to deliver best-of-breed models tailored to the required outputs. The developed Model may be processed by Enerdata, or fully handed out to the client.

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