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Decarbonisation of the European transport sector - Webinar

To which extent is the transition to less carbon-intensive transport progressing in Europe?

The decarbonisation of transport has been identified as one of the key priorities of net-zero emissions strategies. However, emissions keep growing significantly in that sector. What improvement have been made? What are the drivers and difficulties shaping this transition?

During this webinar, Enerdata experts presented a selection of key indicators related to the four levers of the decarbonisation of transport:

  • Energy efficiency,
  • Fuel substitution,
  • Modal shift,
  • Transport demand.

They also identified best practices among European countries in these four dimensions, relating them to policies and measures implemented at EU and country level.

Speakers of this decarbonisation of the European transport sector webinar :

  • Bruno Lapillonne, Enerdata’s scientific director, Energy efficiency and demand expert
  • Ariane Bousquet, Energy efficiency analyst at Enerdata

Ariane BousquetBruno Lapillonne


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