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Renewable Energies Auctions Monitor

Enerdata is developing its renewable energy offer with the most in-depth RES auctions database with worldwide coverage.

Developing their Renewable Energy Sources (RES) is one of the main levers used by countries to achieve their ever increasing GHG emissions reduction targets, including, for many of them, carbon neutrality pledges. To allow RES technologies to be competitive compared to conventional energy sources, governments are playing a major role as energy regulator. Their support shows up as subsidies and remuneration schemes such as the feed-in-tariffs, feed-in-premiums mechanisms and, increasingly, more market-based support instruments and in particular auctions.

Enerdata’s RES auctions monitor is a very detailed, quarterly updated database with a technical focus backed by thorough research. The database showcases past and current/upcoming auctions on a global level. It compiles raw data and qualitative information for more than 60 information criteria about auction design (characteristics, pricing rules, award procedure…) and outcomes (price, volume, realisation period…).

It currently covers 46 countries, including all major G20 economies, with an especially fine tracking on Europe and South America, and its geographical scope is continuously expanding.

The renewable energies auction monitor also features an excel dashboard with graphs and charts on auction outcomes as well as technology and country snapshots.

Looking for more information on the Renewable Energies Auctions Monitor? Check out our product page, which includes all features, complete geographical coverage, methodology, and previews.