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Marginal Abatement Cost Curves - MACCs

Marginal Abatement Cost Curves by country/region and by sector

Within our forecasting activities, we have developed a specific module on Marginal Abatement Cost Curves (MACCs), to assess the least-cost options for CO2 and other greenhouse gas mitigation.

Fields of expertise

Enerdata can provide you with expertise in the following areas:

  • Production of MACCs by country/region and by sector
    for a large number of countries in the world, we produce marginal abatement cost curves for specific sector and energy.
    - 69 countries & regions
    - Large sector: power, industry, transport, residential-services, total CO2
    - Sector breakdown available (optional): energy, industry combustion, industry process, residential-services, transport
    - Other GHGs – energy and industry sources (optional): CH4, N2O, SF6, HFC, PFC
  • Analysis of least-cost options to achieve compliance schemes
    Based on our knowledge in MACCs production, we can assist companies under an National Allocation Plan (NAP) perimeter to develop strategic options to meet carbon compliance obigations at the lowest cost.

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