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MedPro Model

Bottom-up model for long-term energy demand, load curve and greenhouse gas forecasts

MedPro Model

MedPro belongs to the MEDEE models family: it is a bottom-up demand forecasting model that enables users to assess the impact of energy efficiency policies at country-level.

MedPro has been and is being used in more than 60 countries in the world, both by public bodies or companies.




MedPro addresses energy demand by main sector (industry, households, service, transport, etc.) and main categories (end-use/appliances/vehicle type).  The bottom-up approach enables to assess energy demand use per use, and analyse the impact of different policies thanks to different scenarios and potential sensibility studies.

This model is highly flexible and can be easily adapted, depending on objectives and data availability.

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Key Features


Disaggregation level:

  • Industry: as much as 6 sub-sectors + 9 energy intensive products with 2 processes each
  • Residential: as much as 3 x 4 categories of dwellings (e.g. age categories) or household classes, 6 end-uses, 8 appliances
  • Services: as much as 4 sub-sectors and 4 end-uses
  • Transport:  4 main modes (road, rail, air, water); distinction passengers/goods; as much as 9 types of road vehicles
  • Agriculture

MedPro includes the following functionalities:

  • Simulation of energy demand by type and end-use according to various energy efficiency scenarios
  • Calculation of future energy demand and related CO2 and GHG emissions (option MedPro Environment)
  • Electricity load forecasts

The main assets of MedPro are:

  • Flexible structure and disaggregation level, selected by users to best fit study objectives
  • Adapted modelling to each particular category or end-use, consistent with current drivers and dynamics relevant to each category / end-use.
  • Supported by a highly efficient and user-friendly software


  • French Ministry of Energy & Sustainable Development (France): Reference scenarios on long-term forecasts of energy-climate-air for France; bi-annual updates. Use of the MedPro and POLES models for energy and emissions forecasting: French prospective energy, climate, air scenarios to 2035.
  • Tunisian Energy Efficiency Agency (ANME): assessment of the country’s energy efficiency potential by 2030 and evaluation of the corresponding GHG emission reduction.
  • CEDF – Country Energy Demand Forecasts for EU countries and Korea.