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2020 Global Energy Forecasts

Latest projections of Enerdata’s EnerFuture service.

According to the latest estimates by Enerdata, China and India will account for 45% of the world energy growth in 2020, while global energy consumption will increase by 30% European energy consumption should increase by 12% between 2005 and 2020.

The world energy demand growth is dominated by gas. Gas should represent about 31% of the world energy demand growth between 2005 and 2020 (coal 25% and oil 22%).
The European gas consumption should increase by 40% until 2020... The power sector is the main driver of this growth, capturing 53% of this increase.

The oil consumption will increase in the residential- & services sectors (+50% in 2020 vs. 2005, representing 31% of the total increase), in Transport (+22%, 59% of the total increase) and in the Industry (+15%, 16% of the total increase)...
Oil consumption in Europe will decrease by 3% over the next 15 years... The decrease occurs mostly in Industry (-20 Mtoe, -12%)...

The power sector accounts for 38% of the total energy consumption increase by 2020.
In Europe, The residential & services sector will increase by 16% (representing 37% of the total growth), the power sector by 13% (26% of the total growth) and Industry by 11% (22% of the growth)...

The world coal consumption should increase by 30% until 2020... The growth in coal consumption is driven by Industry (43%) and by the Power sector (42%)...
The European coal consumption should increase by 2% until 2020...

CO2 emissions
The World C02 emissions will increase by 30% until 2020, mainly in Asia.
Asia is responsible for around 73% of the total increase between 2005 and 2020, China alone for 41%. The increase in Europe, CIS and USA is fairly limited (2% for Europe and CIS and 7% for the USA)...

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