Zimbabwean regulator approves 39 PV projects totalling 1.1 GW

27 Sep 2019

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) has processed 39 solar power projects with a total capacity of up to 1,152 MW for a total investment of US$2.3bn. Six of them (7.5 MW) are now functional, two are under construction and 31 are still to be developed. Three projects totalling 111 MW are at concept or pre-feasibility stage, 22 projects totalling 885 MW are at feasibility and technical studies level and 3 projects totalling 70 MW are at feasibility or proof of bankability stage). Another 3 projects totalling 53 MW are at funding stage, while two projects totalling 25 MW are at construction stage.

In September 2019, the Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe issued a request for proposals in a bid for the construction of eight solar parks. With only 12 MW of installed PV capacity at the end of 2018, Zimbabwe targets to get at least 1,575 MW of solar power capacity by 2030.

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