Wind power auction in Maharashtra (India) sees tariff increase

8 Mar 2018

500 MW of onshore grid-connected wind power capacity have been awarded under the framework of the latest auction organized by the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company (MSEDCL) in India. The tender's winning bids ranged between INR2.85/kWh and INR2.87/kWh (around US$4.4c/kWh), breaking a downward trend in offered tariffs.

The lowest tariff (INR2.85/kWh) was proposed by Adani Green Energy and KCT Renewable Energy, which secured 75 MW each. Inox Wind, Mytrah Energy, and Hero Wind Energy Private quoted a bid of INR2.86/kWh, winning respectively 50 MW, 100 MW and 75.6 MW. 124.4 MW have been awarded to Torrent Power, which quoted INR2.87/kWh.

Previous tenders saw wind power tariffs fall below INR2.5/kWh (US$3.8c/kWh) and the lowest tariff ever reached was INR2.43c/kWh (US$3.7c/kWh) in 2017. These record low tariffs were achieved in states like Gujarat, which have more efficient wind zones and systems than Maharashtra.

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