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West Erregulla gas field will start production in late 2024 (Australia)

The Australian energy producer Strike Energy Limited has received the primary approvals for the development of the West Erregulla, an onshore gas field located within exploration permit EP 469 near Perth in Western Australia (Australia). The exploration permit EP 469 is owned by a 50:50 joint venture between Strike Energy (opeartor) and Warrego Energy 469 (Hancock Prospecting). The developers expect to start operations by late 2024, once the final environmental approval is given by the Western Australian Environmental Protection Agency, with phase one of the project expected to produce 87 TJ/d. The produced gas will be supplied to a gas processing facility operated by Australian Gas Infrastructure Operations (AGI Operations). 

In August 2020 Strike Energy signed a gas offtake agreement with CSBP, a fertiliser manufacturer, to supply 100 PJ of gas produced from West Erregulla for 11 years at a maximum rate of 25 TJ/d upon commencement of production from the field.

The West Erregulla gas field is estimated to contain proven and probable reserves of 422 PJ and is located approximately 350 km north-east of Perth in Western Australia, within the Greater Erregulla region, which includes the South Erregulla gas field in PL24 and is 100% owned and operated by Strike Energy. 

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