Vietnam may add more than 20 GW of coal-fired capacity over the next decade

18 Oct 2021

The draft Power Development Plan 8 (PDP 8) of Vietnam forecasts an installed capacity of 144 GW in 2030, with coal-fired power plants accounting for 31% of the country's installed capacity in 2030. Consequently, more than 20 GW of coal-fired capacity could be installed between 2021 and 2030. Natural gas should represent 22% of Vietnam's installed capacity in 2030 and 27% in 2045 (coal should then account for 19% of the installed capacity in 2045). In addition, the proportion of non-hydro renewables will reach 26% of the capacity mix in 2030 and 42% in 2045. Hydro will account for 20% of the country's installed capacity in 2030. Vietnam plans to invest US$116bn in new power plants and power grid expansions to 2030, and US$227bn to 2045.

The country’s total capacity amounts to 69.7 GW in 2020 (+27% compared to 2019), including 22.2 GW of coal, 20.1 GW of hydro, 16.5 GW of solar, 7.5 GW of gas and 2.5 GW of oil.


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