The US reaches deal with Russia's Rosatom on uranium supply agreement

16 Sep 2020

The US Department of Commerce has agreed with the Russian state-owned nuclear company Rosatom to amend the Agreement Suspending the Antidumping Investigation on Uranium from the Russian Federation, which was originally signed in 1992. The new agreement, if finalised, would extend the Agreement to 2040 and reduce US imports of Uranium from Russia. The share of Russian imports, which is currently limited to 20% of US enrichment demand, would decrease to 17% over the next 20 years and would no higher than 15% as of 2028.

In addition, the amendment would limit the share of natural uranium concentrates and conversion components of the low-enriched uranium from Russia to 7% of the US enrichment demand, and to a maximum of 5% starting in 2026, in a bid to protect US uranium miners and the US uranium converter. The new agreement would let US companies that have existing uranium purchase contracts with Russia keep them. The US authorities intend to finalise the amendment by 5 October 2020 and will take comment on it until 28 September 2020.

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