US gas production rose by 10% in 2019, spurring exports

12 Mar 2020

According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), US dry natural gas production rose by 10% in 2019 to 92.2 bcf/d, i.e. 2.6 bcm/d or a total of nearly 950 bcm in 2019. The Appalachian region including the Marcellus and Utica/Point Pleasant shales of Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania, remained the largest gas producing region in the United States (29% of the total gas production in 2019) and Pennsylvania accounted for 17% of this total. Gas production also increased in Texas, due to the development in the Permian Basin and Haynesville shale formations.

This increase in gas production spurred gas exports for the fifth year in a row to an annual average of 12.8 bcf/d (over 130 bcm/year) and 2/3 of the increase in gas exports (+ 2.9 bcf/d, i.e. + 82 mcm/d) was related to LNG exports (2 bcf/d or 57 mcm/d). The United States were a net gas exporter in 2019, with net gas exports averaging 5.2 bcf/d (147 mcm/d). In addition, the increased pipeline capacity to Canada and Mexico raised gas pipeline exports, which exceeded pipe imports for the first time since at least 1985.

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