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Türkiye's natural gas imports fell by nearly 8% in 2023 to 50 bcm

Türkiye's natural gas imports declined by 7.6% in 2023 to around 50.5 bcm (compared to 54.6 bcm in 2022), according to the country’s Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK). Of this volume, 71.7% came through pipelines, while 28.3% was purchased as LNG. 66.4% of imports were made under long-term import licenses and 33.6% were purchased through spot markets.

Russia remained Türkiye’s biggest gas supplier with a 42% share (21.3 bcm), followed by Azerbaijan with 20%, Algeria with 12%, Iran with 11% and the United States with nearly 8%. Of the total imports, 90.5% were realized by the state pipeline operator BOTAŞ.

Türkiye's natural gas production more than doubled (+113%) in 2023 to nearly 810 mcm, but the country remains very dependant on imports to meet its demand, which left it vulnerable to rising costs that surged following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.