Taiwan’s Government unveils new renewable feed-in tariffs for 2023

17 Mar 2023

Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic affairs has announced new Feed-in Tariffs (FiTs) for renewable energy for 2023. The FiT rate for onshore wind parks remained unchanged at TWD7.4/kWh (US$24c/kWh) for parks under 30 kW but will be raised to TWD2.1/kWh (US$7c/kWh) for parks rated 30 kW and above. For offshore wind power, the rate is increased to TWD4.5/kWh (US$15c/kWh).

For hydropower, the new FiT rate for capacities under 500 kW is TWD4.9/kWh (US$16c/kWh), and for small hydropower plants ranging between 500 kW and 2 MW, the rate is TWD4.2/kWh (US$14c/kWh). The rate remains unchanged at TWD2.9/kWh (US$9c/kWh) for capacities above 2 MW.

For biomass energy, a new category, "Agricultural and forestry plant", was added with a rate of TWD3.1/kWh (US$10c/kWh). The FiT rate for power generated from anaerobic digestion facilities is increased to TWD7/kWh (US$23c/kWh), while the rate for non-anaerobic digestion facilities is kept the same at TWD2.8/kWh (US$9c/kWh). The FiT rate for geothermal power generation facilities below 2 MW is increased to TWD5.9/kWh (US$19c/kWh), while the rate for capacities over 2 MW remains the same at TWD5.2/kWh (US$17c/kWh).

The FiT rates also remain unchanged for solar (between TWD3.9/kWh and TWD5.9/kWh, or US$13-19c/kWh), agricultural and general waste (TWD5.1/kWh and TWD3.9/kWh; or US$17c/kWh and US$13c/kWh), and marine energy (TWD7.3/kWh or US$24c/kWh).

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