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Spain tenders 1.3 GW of grid access for synchronous renewables

Spain's Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO) has launched a capacity tender for synchronous electricity generation from renewable sources and storage technologies. 

The tender aims to promote the installation of synchronous electricity generation modules (MGES) to ensure security supply and system flexibility, as well as allowing the integration of other technologies such as photovoltaic or wind power. The Order TED/345/2024 establishes the procedure and requirements applicable to the granting of access capacity to the electricity grid to synchronous electricity generation modules of renewable origin and to synchronous storage facilities at the nodes of Garoña 220 kV (Burgos), Guardo 220 kV (Palencia), Lada 400 kV (Asturias), Mudéjar 400 kV (Teruel) and Robla 400 kV (León). The selected nodes are the transition nodes in which the Spanish power transmission system operator REE has identified a surplus of synchronous capacity with respect to the available asynchronous capacity (MPE) and meet the necessary technical and regulatory conditions.

The total joint access capacity available for the synchronous electricity generation modules (MGES) amounts to 1,259 MW.