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Slovakia will cap residential electricity prices in a €6bn package

The government of Slovakia has decided to cap the increase in energy prices for households in 2023 with a €6bn package, keeping residential prices for electricity unchanged and raising prices for natural gas and heat by 15%. This price cap is implemented through an earlier contract with the Slovak power utility Slovenské Elektrární (SE) for electricity and subsidies compensating suppliers of gas and heating. Without this measure, regulated prices would have surged by 380% for electricity, 225% for gas and 80% for heat, leading to higher energy bills (€3,000 per households, i.e. €6bn in additional costs).

In February 2022, the government had reached an agreement with Slovenské Elektrární to guarantee stable electricity prices for households until 2024. Under the terms of the agreement, the company will supply a total volume of 6.15 TWh/year at a price of €61.21/MWh, excluding VAT, until 2024. In return, the government withdrew a bill proposing extra taxes on nuclear power generation from the country's parliament National Council of Slovakia. In addition, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economy had agreed not to take any measure that could financially endanger Slovenské Elektrárne over the 2022-2025 period, such as introducing, increasing or tightening any new tax, levy, fee, specific payment or regulation.