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Norsk Kjernekraft applies to develop a 600 MW nuclear plant in northern Norway

The Norwegian company Norsk Kjernekraft has submitted a proposal to Norway's Ministry of Energy for an assessment into the construction of a 600 MW nuclear power plant in the county of Finnmark (northern Norway), which would be based on the installation of multiple small modular reactors (SMRs). Norsk Kjernekraft said that the submission marks the first step in the formal process to establish its nuclear power plant in Finnmark. The proposed power plant would be located near the village of Svartnes and be able to generate 5 TWh/year of electricity, enough to triple the power supply in Finnmark according to the company.

In May 2024, the Norwegian Ministry of Energy launched a public inquiry into the potential development of nuclear power in Norway. The programme could eventually lead to the development of a first nuclear power plant in Taftøy Business Park, also based on SMR technology, with a total maximum capacity of up to 1.5 GW.

As of end 2023, Norway’s installed capacity was dominated by hydropower (83% with over 34 GW), followed by wind (12%, over 5 GW). Hydropower represented 88% of the country’s power generation in 2022, while wind represented 10%.

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