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Myanmar releases its new Nationally Determined Contribution

Myanmar has unveiled its new Nationally Determined Contribution.

In the energy sector, Myanmar aims to achieve a conditional target (with international support) of avoiding 144 MtCO2eq of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030 against that predicted under the BAU (Business as Usual) scenario, of 297 MtCO2eq. The country aims to achieve this target by increasing the share of solar and wind to 54% (from 2,000 MW to 3,070 MW) by 2030 and decreasing the share of coal by 73.5% (from 7,940 MW to 2,120 MW) by 2030. Under its unconditional target (using its domestic resources), in the energy sector Myanmar seeks to avoid 105 MtCO2eq by 2030 from the BAU. By 2030, the share of solar and wind will remain unchanged, and coal will decrease by 54% from the BAU to 3,620MW.

The country has set 2030 targets for improvement of energy efficiency of the residential sector by 8%, the industrial sector by 7%, the commercial sector by 4%, and other sectors by 1%. In addition, through the distribution of 5.1 million fuel-efficient cookstoves, Myanmar will achieve a cumulative emissions reduction of approximately 13 MtCO2e. The government has also set an unconditional target to support the distribution of one million LPG stoves resulting in an emission reduction of 15 MtCO2eq by 2030.

In the agriculture sector, the country has introduced a new conditional cumulative target of sequestrating 10.4 MtCO2eq through promotion of tree planting and agroforestry.  Within the forest land and other land use sector, Myanmar has set a conditional target of reducing deforestation by 50% by the year 2030, resulting in a cumulative emissions reduction of 257 million tCO2e (against the 2005-2015 baseline) over the period of 2021-2030. The country has also set an unconditional target to reduce deforestation by 25% by the year 2030, resulting in a cumulative net emissions reduction of 124 MtCO2eq.

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