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Italy awards 1 GW of renewable capacity in undersubscribed tender

The Italian energy agency Gestore dei Servizi Energetici (GSE) has published the results of the 13th auction for renewable capacity under the Italy’s new renewable support scheme. A total quota of 1,628 MW was offered but the call for projects was undersubscribed, with 163 bids submitted totalling 1,125 MW (69% of the available capacity). In total, Italy awarded 1,041 MW of solar, wind and hydro capacity (64% of the available capacity) across 142 bids, including 1,001 MW for 79 projects above 1 MW.

Italy’s previous auction for renewable capacity (12th) in October 2023 was largely undersubscribed. A total quota of 1,731 MW was offered but only 123 bids were submitted, totalling 232 MW (13% of the available capacity). In total, Italy awarded only 103 MW of capacity (6% of the available capacity), including 58 MW for 8 projects above 1 MW.

Italy targets a 55% renewables power mix in 2030 (32% in 2022). In 2022, renewables accounts for half of Italy’s installed capacity, with 21% of solar (25.1 GW), 19% of hydro (22.8 GW) and 10% of wind (11.8 GW).