Iraq seeks investors to expand its refining capacity by 440 kb/d

17 Mar 2023

Iraq is seeking investors to build seven refineries in various part of the country with a total capacity of 440,000 bbl/d. The first three projects comprise a 50,000 bbl/d refinery in the south-eastern Maysan Governorate, a 70,000 bbl/d refinery in Nineveh Governorate in northern Iraq and a 30,000 bbl/d refinery in the southern Basra city. The other three projects to be proposed in April 2023 encompass a 50,000 bbl/d refinery in the Southern Dhi Qar Governorate, a 100,000 bbl/d unit in Wasit in eastern Iraq and a 70,000 bbl/d refinery in Muthanna in southern Iraq. The seventh refinery has a capacity of 70,000 bbl/d and is located in the Western Alanbar Governorate.

The country has 16 refineries, for a total nominal capacity of 0.9 mb/d. The main refineries are Baiji (140 kb/d), Basrah (140 kb/d and expected to be expanded to 280 kb/d by 2030), Daura (expanded to 210 kb/d in 2011), and Kalak (expanded to 100 kb/d in 2011). Iraq aims to restore the Baiji refinery’s previous capacity of 280 kb/d; the refinery suffered from intense fights in 2015.

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