Iraq doubles Baiji refinery's capacity to 140,000 bbl/d

13 Jan 2021

The Iraqi government has announced that the capacity of the 70,000 bbl/d Baiji refinery in the Salahudin province, 200 km north of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, has doubled to 140,000 bbl/d after the rehabilitation of the refinery's Salahudin-2 part (70,000 bbl/d). In mid-2018, the country rehabilitated Salahudin-1, which has a capacity of 70,000 bbl/d, and which witnessed intense fighting in 2014. 

Iraq has 16 refineries, for a total nominal capacity of 1.0 mb/d. The government aims to restore the Baiji refinery's previous capacity of 280,000 bbl/d.

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