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Iberdrola receives approval for a 274 MW wind project in Portugal

The Spanish energy group Iberdrola has received the second and final favourable environmental approval from the Portuguese government to build the 274 MW Tâmega Eólico wind project in Vila Real and Braga, in northern Portugal. The project plans to utilise the same grid connection as the Tâmega hydroelectric project, ensuring the connection point capacity maximisation and creating an hybrid generation plant to reduce dependence on changing environmental factors. The 274 MW project should be able to produce the equivalent to the consumption of 128,000 households. Proceeding forward, Iberdrola will apply for a production licence from the Portuguese Directorate-General for Energy and Geology, with the company expecting to obtain all permits and begin construction in early 2025.

The Tâmega hydroelectric project consists of three power plants: the Alto Tâmega Hydroelectric Power Plant (160 MW), the Gouvães Pumped Storage Power Plant (880 MW) and the Daivões Power Plant (118 MW). With a total installed capacity of 1,158 MW, the project contributes to eliminate the emission of 1.2 MtCO2/year. 

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