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H2 Energy Europe to develop a 1 GW green H2 project in Denmark

H2 Energy Europe has obtained the building permit to develop its 1 GW green hydrogen project in Esbjerg, Denmark. The Njordkraft Hydrogen project is expected to source power from existing and future offshore wind farms to produce about 90 kt/year of green hydrogen to help the decarbonisation of heavy industry and road transportation, and possibly to produce green e-fuels like methanol and ammonia and to avoid the emission of 1.4 MtCO2/year. The hydrogen is set to be distributed across Denmark, as well as to Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, through a transport pipeline being constructed under the joint responsibility of these countries. The project secured an environmental permit in January 2024. Besides the milestone that the building permit represents, there remain certain central hydrogen infrastructure challenges for the project, as H2 Energy Europe pointed towards the importance of decision-making timing for hydrogen pipeline infrastructure and its alignment with wind tender deadlines in Denmark.

The Danish hydrogen strategy (2022) plans to reach 4 to 6 GW of electrolysis capacity by 2030.