Gazprom's gas exports to Europe decreased by 12% to 175 bcm in 2020

17 Feb 2021

In 2020, Gazprom’s natural gas exports to Europe (including Turkey) decreased by 12% from 199 bcm to 175 bcm, including 135.7 bcm to western Europe. Germany remained Gazprom’s biggest market in western Europe (46 bcm in 2020, -14% on 2019), followed by Italy (21 bcm, -6%), Turkey (16 bcm) and Austria (13 bcm). The group retained its leading position in Central Europe with 39.1 bcm of gas exports, including 9.7 bcm to Poland, 8.6 bcm each to Hungary and Slovakia and 5 bcm to Czechia. Gas exports to China through the Eastern Route surged from 328 mcm in 2019 to 4.1 bcm in 2020.

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