Gas exports begins at 4.7 bcm/year Touat gas field (Algeria)

11 Sep 2019

Neptune Energy and Sonatrach have begun operations at the gas treatment unit and its first gas exports from the Touat gas development. Located around 1,400 kilometres southwest of Algiers and close to Adrar (Algeria), the gas treatment unit has a processing capacity of 5.2 bcm/year and will produce 4.6 bcm/year of gas and 1,800 bbl/d of stabilized condensate. The gas exploration project is composed of 18 producing wells and is connected to the GR5 pipeline, which collects gas from South-West Algeria and brings it to Hassi R’Mel. The concerning blocs are the 352a and 353. The field production is expected to represent around 6% of Algeria’s total gas exports and will be in production for more than 20 years. 

The project was developed by Groupement Touat Gaz (GTG Partners), a consoritum of Neptune Energy Touat (65%) and Sonatrach (35%). Neptune Energy Touat is held by Neptune (54%) and Engie (46%).

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