Ethiopia targets 12 GW power capacity increase by 2020

9 Jun 2015

Ethiopia plans to become a manufacturing hub and the largest energy exporter of Africa, betting on its large hydropower reserves (potential estimated at up to 45 GW). The country plans to add 12 GW of new renewable power capacity by 2020. By this date, the giant (6 GW) Grand Renaissance dam worth US$4.1bn and the 1,870 MW Gilgel Gibe-3 dam worth US$1.8bn will raise Ethiopia's installed capacity from more than 2,300 MW in 2014 to more than 10,000 MW upon completion. The new Growth and Transformation Plan 2 (GTP 2) over the 2015-2020 period, to be approved in September 2015, forecast a capacity increase of 12 GW by 2020, for a total investment of up to US$25bn. In addition to the two large projects under execution, new large dams of up to 2 GW each could be developed on several main rivers, including the Omo and the Nile. Other renewable projects, based on solar, wind and geothermal, are also under consideration.

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