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Estonian parliament passes resolution to promote nuclear energy

The Estonian parliament has passed a resolution supporting the adoption of nuclear energy in the country based on an analysis conducted by the Nuclear Energy Working Group. The resolution, titled “Supporting the adoption of nuclear energy in Estonia (431 OE)”, determines that Estonia's Energy Development Plan for 2035 must consider the impacts of adopting nuclear to ensure security of energy supply during the transition to climate-neutral energy production. To do so, the development plan must include the development of a draft act on nuclear energy and safety and, if necessary, amending and supplementing existing legislation, as well as the creation of a regulatory authority for the safe use of nuclear energy, and the development of sectoral competences.

The accompanying explanatory memorandum determines that nuclear energy adoption in the country is expected to bring benefits like helping to balance the fluctuations in renewable energy generation capacity, ensure affordable electricity, among other. However, the decision does not grant the right to build a nuclear power plant in Estonia.

At the end of 2023, Estonia had 3 GW of installed power capacity of which almost 63% corresponds to thermal capacity (with 1.2 GW being coal and lignite), and no nuclear capacity. 

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