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Cyprus initiates fuel supply tender for 2013

The Electricity Authority of Cyprus has issued a tender for gasoil and fuel oil supply over the period December 2012-January 2014.

The EAC is seeking 408,000 tonnes of 0.1% sulphur gasoil for delivery into Vassilikos power plant, the largest power unit in Cyprus (more than 50% of the power capacity), which was almost fully destroyed by a blast at a nearby navy base in July 2011. The utility will also acquire 405,000 tonnes of heavy fuel oil with maximum 1% sulphur for delivery into Vassilikos power plant and another 418,000 tonnes for delivery into Dhekelia and/or Moni power plants. This will raise the import amount by 15% from 2012, to more than 1.2 Mt in 2013.

With the destruction of Vassilikos (about 700 MW lost), the EAC had to put old power units back online and to import power from the Northern part of the island. Temporary power plants have been installed to ensure the power supply during summer time.

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