Croatia will auction 400 MW of renewable capacity in 2021

22 Feb 2021

The Croatian energy market operator HROTE (Hrvatski Operator Tržišta Energije) will hold a second auction for 400 MW wind and solar capacity in 2021. Only fully approved projects should be authorised to compete.

In May 2020, a quota of 2,265 MW was introduced for renewable and high-efficiency CHP projects eligible for premiums, including 1,075 MW of solar, 1,050 MW of wind, and 140 MW for other sources. The country’s first renewable auction, finalised in December 2020, was undersubscribed, with 108 bids totalling 41.5 MW for an available quota of 88 MW (of which 50 MW were solar). Croatia allocated only 25.5 MW of capacity, including 13.4 MW of solar projects.

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