CO2 emissions decreased by 2.5% in the EU in 2018

10 May 2019

According to Eurostat's early estimates for the year 2018, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from fossil fuel combustion decreased by 2.5% in the European Union (EU) compared to 2017 levels. Although Germany reduced significantly is CO2 emissions in 2018 (-5.4%), the country remains Europe's largest carbon emitter with a 22.5% share of EU's total CO2 emissions in 2018, followed by the United Kingdom with a share of 11.4%.

With a rise of 3.5% of its energy-related emissions, Poland has become EU's third largest CO2 emitter in 2018, with a 10.3% share in total emissions, exceeding France and Italy (10% each)

Remarquable energy-related CO2 emission reductions where recorded in Portugal (-9.0%), Bulgaria (-8.1%), Ireland (-6.8%), the Netherlands (-4.6%) and Croatia (-4.3%), Greece (-.36%), France (-3.5%), Italy (-3.5%) and Spain (-3.2%

Conserversely, countries that have registered an increase in emissions were Latvia (+8.5%), Malta (+6.7%), Estonia (+4.5%), Luxembourg (+3.7%), Poland (+3.5%), Slovakia (+2.4%), Finland (+1.9%) and Lithuania (+0.6%).

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