Chile unveils energy roadmap through 2050

1 Oct 2015

The Ministry of Energy of Chile has presented the Energy Roadmap 2050, which focuses on low-emissions, competitiveness and sustainable costs.
The Roadmap proposes that at least 70% of the electricity fed into the grid come from renewable sources by 2050, mainly from solar and wind power and from hydropower on a lesser extent; renewables, including hydro, accounted for 43% of power generation in 2014. Other renewable sources, such as geothermal, biomass and ocean energies will also contribute to this target.
Chili also plans to introduce new environmental standards, to tackle energy poverty and to promote energy efficiency. In the field of transports, the Ministry aims to reverse the trend toward a greater use of private cars by creating conditions for quality public transport, non-motorized options and intermodal systems. By 2050, all new cars, all cargo vehicles and all public transportation in areas with decontamination plans will have to be low or zero-emission.

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