Chile expects to commission over 6 GW of new capacity in 2021

2 Feb 2021

According to the Ministry of Energy of Chile, 94 power projects with a combined capacity of 6,016 MW are expected to be connected to the National Electric System in 2021, for a total investment of over US$10,450m. More than 80% of the new capacity will be renewable: half of the new capacity will come from solar PV projects (3,092 MW), followed by wind projects (1,813 MW). The 531 MW Alto Maipo hydropower project, including the 267 MW Las Lajas power plant and the 264 MW Alfalfal II power plant, should also be commissioned in 2021. A 166 MW hybrid project using biomass and wind should start up in October 2021 (MAPA project by Arauco Cellulose).

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