CGN Power's Yangjiang-6 nuclear unit enters commercial operations (China)

9 Aug 2019

The sixth unit of the Yangjiang nuclear power plant in Guangdong province has started commercial operations. The 1000 MW reactor achieved first criticality and was connected to the national grid in late June 2019.

The Yangjiang nuclear project consists of six units of 1,000 MW, including four 1,080 MW CPR-1000 pressurized water reactors and two ACPR-1000 reactors. The first reactor was commissioned in 2014, the second in June 2015, the third unit in January 2016 and the fourth unit in March 2017. Unit 5 entered commercial operation in July 2018. The six reactors at Yangjiang will generate some 48 TWh/year of electricity.

Yangjiang Nuclear Power Company Limited is currently 29% owned by CGN Power, 30% by CGN Power subsidiary GNIC, 7% by CGN Power associate company CGN Industry Investment Fund Phase I, 17% by Guangdong Yudean Group and 17% by CLP Holdings.

Yangjiang 6 becomes CGN's 23rd power reactor in commercial operation. The group now has a combined capacity of more than 25 GW and has five units under construction with an installed capacity of 6.35 GW.

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