Brazil's electricity consumption expected to rise by 3.5%/year until 2031

15 Nov 2021

According to the Electricity Demand Book (part of the 2031 Energy Expansion Decennial Plan) released by the Brazilian EPE, electricity consumption in Brazil should increase by an average 3.5%/year over the 2021-2031 period, spurred by the economic growth (+2.9%/year), requiring the addition of 27 GW of new baseload capacities. Electricity consumption could rise from over 530 TWh in 2020 to over 660 TWh in 2026 and to over 790 TWh in 2031.

In 2021 alone, electricity consumption is expected to rise by 5% on average, due to a dynamic demand from industry (+8.7%) and the commercial sector (+4.9%), while the residential consumption should increase by 1.9%. By 2031, residential electricity consumption should recover, rising by an average 3.3%/year until 2031. Electricity consumption in industry should rise by an average 3%/year by 2031 (+2.5%/year for the electro-intensive branches, i.e. iron and steel, pulp and paper, chemicals and cement, and +3.2%/year for other industrial branches). It should increase by 4.2%/year between 2021 and 2031 in the commercial sector and by 4.4%/year for other non-residential consumers.

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