Bangladesh's BPDB plans to add 1.4 GW of coal-fired power capacity

28 Nov 2022

The Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) plans to add 1,400 MW of coal-fired power capacity in December 2022, as the 1,320 MW Rampal and 1,600 MW Godda coal-fired power plants will be connected to the grid and will start supplying power at half of their capacity. However, due to the high cost of coal on international markets, the power cost from both power plants will nearly double compared to previous estimates, rising from BDT7.7/kWh (US$7.5c/kWh) to BDT14/kWh (US$13.7c/kWh) for Rampal and from BDT8.71/kWh (US$8.5c/kWh) to BDT15/kWh (US$14.7c/kWh) for Godda, i.e., costs similar to those of oil-fired power plants (BDT15/kWh (US$14.7c/kWh)).

Over the last few months, Bangladesh has been facing power cuts due to rising oil prices and a dollar crisis and the government is turning to coal-fired power to improve its energy supply and save costs.

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