Australia's greenhouse gas emissions dipped by 0.8% in 2013

17 Apr 2014

According to the Department of Environment of Australia, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions contracted by 0.8% during 2013, reaching 538.4 MtCO2eq. Emissions from the power sector fell by 5% to 176.6 MtCO2eq, while other energy-related emissions grew by an average 1.9% (+0.6% for transport and +6.7% for fugitive emissions). Electricity generation remains the largest emitter with 33% of total emissions in 2013; the 2013 decline in its GHG emissions is partly due to a 2.8% decrease in the annual power demand but also to a structural change in the power mix (4.1% decrease in power generation from black coal, -6.9% from brown coal and -7.7% from gas, while hydropower generation rose by 18% and renewable production by 23%). In 2013, national emissions (excluding LULUCF) were 23.2 tCO2/capita, 5% below the 1989-1990 level (24.5 tCO2). Emissions per unit of GDP fell from 550gCO2eq/$ in 1989 to 350 gCO2eq/$ in 2013 (-37%).

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