Australia's east coast future gas supply remain uncertain

20 Feb 2020

According to the Gas Inquiry 2017-25 Interim Report released by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), the supply-demand balance for 2020 in the East Coast gas market and in the Southern States of Australia has slightly improved since the latest forecast (July 2019), due to an expected increase in gas production on the east coast.

However, the long-term supply outlook for the East Coast gas market and for the Southern States (over the 2021-2031 period) remains uncertain, depending on future domestic demand, realised gas production success in developing new gas resources and LNG exports. According to current projections, gas production from 2P reserves will be insufficient to meet the forecast demand in the medium to long term. In the Southern States, supply will also depend on the development of north-south transport infrastructures to deliver gas from Queensland or Northern Territories to southern areas.

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