AfDB will lend US$242m for the fund Cameroon-Chad power interconnection

24 Mar 2020

The presidency of Cameroon has authorised the government to sign two loan agreements with the African Development Bank (AfDB) totalling XAF148bn (US$243m) to finance the Cameroon-Chad power interconnection project. The project, which is estimated at XAF261bn (US$428m), also secured a European Union grant of XAF20bn (US$32m), while the remaining will be financed by the Word Bank.

The Cameroon-Chad interconnection project comprises the construction of 1,024 km of high voltage (225 kV) lines between Ngaoundéré, Maroua, in Cameroon, and N’Djamena in Chad, in addition to a loop between Maroua, Bongor (Chad), Guelendeng and N’Djamena. It also includes electrical substations and distribution networks for rural electrification along the lines.

In 2018, the electrification rate was 63% in Cameroon and 10% in Chad. The project aims at improving the very low national electrification rates of the two countries and at strengthening cooperation and regional integration in Central Africa.

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