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30 years of Enerdata! Celebrations part 3: the seminar with our partners

In 2021, Enerdata celebrated 30 years of expertise on energy and decarbonisation challenges. Due to the pandemic situation, we waited for a more favourable context to celebrate with our partners. Thus, we welcomed a panel of 30 customers, researchers, experts, coming from various continents and structures: companies, institutions and think tanks. We gathered them in our beloved Vercors mountains, in the heart of a natural environment, to exchange on topics that matter to us: energy sufficiency, electrification growth and the cooperation to accelerate the energy transition.

Each of these topics has been considered in a dedicated workshop, through various approaches and animators:

  • After picturing which actions we are all doing for sufficiency, we brainstormed on which hurdles energy sufficiency is facing and the possible levers to unlock them.
  • We invited participants to suggest topics they would like to address about the growth of electricity share, and to debate on development paths.
  • Eventually, we time travelled to 2040, in a world where the energy transition succeeded, and we exchanged on which cooperative solutions were set up to reach the transition, what the objections were, and how we solved them.

Of course, we alternated these workshops with leisure times: Vercors exploration, sports activity, super quiz and relax sessions.

We warmly thank all the participants for taking part in this seminar with a great energy. We hope that everyone left our mountains with exciting ideas for future projects and cooperation!

Client seminar

Client seminar workshop

client seminar activity

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