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30 years of Enerdata! Celebrations part 2: the seminar

This year, Enerdata celebrates 30 years of expertise on energy and decarbonisation challenges.

A few days ago, the whole team met in Chartreuse, on the border between Savoie and Isère, for a 2-day seminar in Saint Pierre d'Entremont, with a sunny weather.

The planning was based on four workshops on our values’ expression, our daily priorities, as well as discussions on subjects chosen by the employees on the common theme of the future development of Enerdata. For this, we were supported by Juliette Brunerie, from the SCOP Semawe, certified in holacracy coaching, and we relied on an internal team of four facilitators specially trained.

However, beyond the need to reflect and work on Enerdata's vision, we also needed to get together for a moment of conviviality, after this long period imposed by COVID-19.

And what better occasion than to celebrate our 30th anniversary?

So we took advantage of the evening of the seminar to organise this celebration at the Auberge de l'Herbe Tendre.

First, we welcomed a few former colleagues who had accepted our invitation, and then Pascal Charriau, president of Enerdata, gave a speech - in alexandrines - to summarise the 30 years of the company. Then we went to diner, where a real festive meal was waiting for us. After clinking our glasses of champagne, some of our employees launched into a crazy EnerQuizz. Everyone got into the game, and we all had a lot of fun.

The next morning was dedicated to various activities appropriate to the location: short, medium and long hikes, electric mountain biking or via ferrata. Then we met at the Saint Même circus for some games and a sunny picnic.

The seminar ended with a final workshop, and we returned home with our heads full of memories of these joyful moments spent with our favourite colleagues!

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