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Bottom-up model for long term energy demand, load curve and greenhouse gases forecasts.

Med-Pro belongs to the MEDEE models family, with in addition a special emphasis on electricity load curves and greenhouse gases. Green-house gases forecasts are displayed as future GHG inventories according to the UNFCCC methodology.

MEDPRO is the only commercial model of the MEDEE suite. It is transferred to the client with model training and maintenance.

Country Energy Demand Forecasts

Country Energy Demand Forecasts

Country Energy Demand Forecast is an innovative service dedicated to energy demand forecasts by country. It offers a unique approach to energy demand forecasting, with a powerful modelling platform delivered on a simple web interface, where data and scenarios have been pre-defined by our energy demand experts.

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Med-Pro includes the following functionalities :

  • simulation of energy demand by product and end-use and related emissions of CO2 and other GHG from final energy consumers

  • calculation of future global energy balances and related emissions of CO2 and other GHG from the energy sector

  • calculation of future GHG emissions from industrial processes, agriculture and land-use, solvents and waste

  • Production of projected GHG inventories for the future

  • Electricity load forecast

  • Energy and climate change policy evaluation

For policy and strategic purposes, Med-Pro is used in two steps:

  • First to produce a view of what will be the consequences, for a country or a country region, of current socio economic and technological evolutions, as well as the current GHG mitigation policies (the so-called "base-line" scenario).
  • Second, to evaluate the change induced by energy efficiency, energy substitutions and GHG mitigation policies and measures as compared to the "base-line" situation.

For further information about this model and its applications, or to define an evaluation of your needs, please contact us

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